Image credit to: Sergei Akulich

Welcome to the Forest Ecology SIG site! On this site you can read our latest blog, find out about topical research in Forest ecology and find out about upcoming events. You can also find out all about our committee members. The key aim of the BES Forestry Ecology SIG is to encourage communication and interaction between forest ecologists and anyone with an interest in forest ecology. This group also aims to enable:

  • Sharing of knowledge and ideas
  • Research activities and acquiring practical skills
  • Communication between researchers
  • Support for early career researchers
  • Policy and news updates

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Please get in touch via our contact page or email us (forest@britishecologicalsociety.org) if you have any new career opportunities, event ideas, comments or topical research you would like to be promoted.

Committee Members

Chair: Tom Ovenden (@WoodEcology)is a PhD researcher at the University of Stirling and Forest Research with a background in conservation, both in the UK and abroad. His current research is focused on assessing the resilience of forest ecosystems to extreme drought events and the vulnerability of these systems to global change.

Treasurer: Rachel Findlay-Robinson (@RachFinRob). I am broadly interested in how environmental change affects the life history of organisms – mostly animals, but I do dabble in plants. I am currently a PhD student at the University of Cumbria where I am studying the effects of climate on life history patterns in hazel dormice, and how we can use an understanding of these effects to produce effective conservation plans.

Kate Hand (@Hanka_KL). I am currently a PhD student at the Open University interested in urban forestry, citizen science and ecosystem services. My research is looking at different methods of measuring the size and growth of urban trees to identify tools which can help us to improve our understanding of the benefits that urban trees provide to society.

Blog and website: Flora Passfield. I am interested in citizen science and did my masters project at the University of Birmingham focusing on using citizen science to collect data for conservation projects. I work in ecosystem management in tropical forests and I’m hoping to branch out into European forest ecosystems.

Forest of the Month

We would like to start promoting a forest of the month. Please send in your suggested Forest of the Month, with a paragraph or two of description and some photos. We will then create a google map link for the monthly forest.