BES Forest Ecology Group

A British Ecological Society Special Interest Group

Apply for funding

As you may know, the British Ecological Society funds dozens of scientific meetings and events every year.

Grant applications are considered in October, but you can apply for funding at any time. Please fill in the form below (better to prepare your text in a word processor and paste it in, the form boxes are rather small).

Rules and guidelines:

  1. Meetings and events must be held in the UK (except under special circumstances, which you will have to explain).
  2. The subject must be related to forest ecology, but can be broad in scope, including education, business, social science, even artistic.
  3. The meeting can be for any audience: academics, students, school pupils, business, NGOs. Exciting things can happen when you mix audiences.
  4. You can ask for any amount of funding, but the higher the sum, the more amazing the meeting will have to be.
  5. Break down your requested funds by heading, e.g. transport, venue hire, refreshments.
  6. Don’t forget to ask other BES Special Interest Groups for funding, we often co-fund events.
  7. We suggest that you charge attendees, even if this is a small, nominal fee. It ensures that only those who are serious about attending will sign up.

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