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A British Ecological Society Special Interest Group

Decision support for restoring ecological networks: Condatis version 1.0 launch event

26-27 September 2018
University of Liverpool

Condatis is a user-friendly, open source program, which is available to anyone. The new version of Condatis can identify the best locations for habitat creation and restoration to enhance existing habitat networks and increase connectivity across landscapes and allows larger landscapes to be analysed.

This launch event will include an introduction to version 1.0, training in applying the tool and interpreting the results, talks from current users and networking with developers and practitioners. The workshop is free and funding is available to cover travel and accommodation costs.

Registration is now open, please click here to register. A draft programme is attached for your information. If you would like to present your work with Condatis, please submit an abstract at the end of the registration form. We welcome talks from users who are in the planning stage as well as those with more developed projects.

What does Condatis do?

  • Highlights pathways that allow both dispersal and multiplication of species as they cross a landscape
  • Pinpoints bottlenecks in the habitat network (where there are restricted opportunities for colonisation)
  • Ranks the feasible sites for habitat creation and restoration to enhance the existing habitat network efficiently


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