BES Forest Ecology Group

A British Ecological Society Special Interest Group

EUROPEAN WOOD PASTURES Past, Present & Future 5-7 September 2018

(with pre-conference visit on 4th), Sheffield, UK

This conference, one of the Wilder Visions series, addresses key issues relating to wood pastures and wood meadows in Britain & Europe. Taking a view that knowledge of landscape history can improve understanding of the present countryside, we explore how this helps inform and influence decisions about ‘futurescapes’. With a nod to the Lawton idea of conservation needing to be bigger, bolder and more joined, we explore ideas of wood pastures past, present and future and how these might inform the ‘Wilder Visions – reconstructing nature for the 21st century’ development of case-study projects.

We consider changing management of the landscape and how this affects biodiversity including impacts on, for example, bird populations and diversity; and how this may change with future trajectories. We also examine similar impacts on mammals, invertebrates, and plants. The themes emerge from our long-term series of conferences and workshops going back to 1992, bringing together multi-disciplinary approaches to consider trees, woods, treed landscapes, wilding & re-wilding, and most recently ‘Wood Meadows & Pastures’. We are especially interested in:

1) Case studies of newly-created wood pastures & wood meadows, of restored wooded commons and treescapes; of re-constructing ecologies and re-connecting communities to local treescapes;
2) The history of wood meadows and pastures;
3) Wooded commons and their management;
4) Shadow Woods (lost wood pastures and treescapes);
5) All associated aspects of ancient or veteran trees and their management.

There will be a pre-conference field visit on 4th September to an internationally renowned site.

The event will be co-chaired by Andrej Bobiec, Jeremy Dagley, Adrian Newton and Ian Rotherham. In addition, keynote speakers include Kinga Ollerer, Philip Warren, Ian Trueman, Ted Green, Nicklas Jansson, Della Hooke and Aljos Farnon.

Documentation Downloads (06/06/18)

EWP Flier May 2018.pdf

Download File



Download File

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