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Into the Woods: overlapping perspectives on the history of ancient forests Conference

Into the Woods: overlapping perspectives on the history of ancient forests

Conference: Padova (Padua), Italy, 18-20th April 2017

Today, as in the past, ancient woods and forests offer insights into the changing relationships between society and environment and for this reason are of particular scientific interest. Integrated inter/multidisciplinary approaches that bring together historical knowledge (economic and social uses of the forest) and naturalistic approaches (study of forest ecosystems) now offer a new means of tackling the question of “ancient forests”.

However while the various methods and tools implemented ensure a better

understanding of past forest spaces, disciplinary and regional compartmentalisation

limits a global, integrated approach. To be at the crossroads of human sciences and

natural sciences is vital in order to understand the factors leading to the differentiation of historical wooded areas.

The aim of this conference is to allow specialists and researchers from various cultures and and different professional fields to meet and exchange views about the study of ancient forests.

Foresters, planners, developers, ecologists, biologists, agriculturalists,

geographers, historians, philosophers, ethnologists, cartographers, archaeologists,

archaeobotanists, sociologists etc., from all backgrounds, are invited to join this debate about our various and varying concept of “ancient forests.

Further details:

Abstract and submission:

Abstract for oral or poster communication should be submitted before the 30

November 2016 at

into the woods

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