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2015 Waxcap and grassland fungi identification workshops & field visits in the Pennine and Peak District Moors

From Professor Ian D. Rotherham and Dr Paul Ardron

This year’s programme followed earlier workshops and last year’s (2014) national conference on waxcaps as indicators of grasslands and wood pastures of conservation significance. With good weather allowing a flush of waxcaps in time for our field trips it was a great success with delegates travelling from across England and wales to take part.

There was opportunity to visit previously unrecorded sites – which came up trumps, to produce around 10+ Waxcap species, plus several calvarias, and entolomas, and many other grassland and wood-pasture fungi. From scarlet waxcaps to white ones, yellow and even blackening waxcaps

Shortly there will be a beginner’s on-line guide on the  website and next year we visit the lowlands! As one participant stated, ‘you are the only ones providing this sort of training’.

We are growing the base of experience and knowledge and extending our understanding of these amazing fungi as indicators in the landscape. The intention is to widen the network of those working in the field and to share common enthusiasms and skills.


Photo credit: Seatle.roamer (Flickr)

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