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Upcoming meeting: Bringing forest ecology into schools

From Jen Hurst

Bringing forest ecology into schools: curriculum, resources and woodland management

Monday 6th July 2015, 1pm-5pm @ Sylva Foundation, The Manor, Little Wittenham, OX14 4RA

The Sylva Foundation is working in partnership with the British Ecological Society to run a half-day Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and consultation workshop to establish opportunities and constraints to teaching and learning forest ecology in secondary schools.

The Sylva Foundation is a national forestry charity aiming to increase public understanding and engagement in sustainable forest management.

The Sylva Foundation is a leading forest education charity. Photo credit: Euan and Madeleine.

The Sylva Foundation is a leading forest education charity. Photo credit: Euan and Madeleine.

Teachers and Educators: are you interested in using local woodland on your school grounds to carry out ecological investigations, experiments and monitoring that fit with curriculum requirements? Would you like to learn more about forest ecology from Forest Scientists, Foresters and Woodland Owners? The proposed consultation workshop is an excellent opportunity to explore these ideas and benefit from CPD.

Woodland Owners: would you like your woodland to benefit young people through education activities? Are you interested to understand the needs of secondary school teachers when going on woodland visits?

Forest Scientists and Foresters: would you like to share your knowledge of forest ecology, fieldwork and current needs in research of trees and forests? Are you interested to know the content of secondary school curriculum and ways in which young people can inspired to follow careers into Forestry?


The workshop will use participatory methods and fieldwork to answer several key questions:

1. What are the requirements for teaching forest ecology in the new curriculum at Primary Key Stages 2 and Secondary Key Stages 3-5?

2. How do teachers currently teach forest ecology? For example through case studies, theory, local trips, Field Studies Centres, or in the classroom?

3. What support do teachers and environmental educators need to teach forest ecology and what support do students need who carry out ecological investigations?

4. Can myForest for Education and Sylva’s Forest Science projects support these needs? If so how?


  • A concise report summarising the findings of the workshop, with proposals for future steps that could be taken.
  • An outcome of the workshop will be to inform the current development of Sylva’s ‘myForest for Education’ and inform Sylva’s education programme. It is also hoped that the results of the workshop will be useful for other organisations providing support to schools for teaching and learning ecology.

Workshop Co-ordinator: Jen Hurst, Education Manager,


Biology and Geography secondary teachers from Key Stages 3 to 5, Environmental Education professionals, Woodland Owners, Forest Ecologists and Foresters.

2 comments on “Upcoming meeting: Bringing forest ecology into schools

  1. Gabriel Hemery
    June 12, 2015

    Sylva Foundation have now provided an online booking form. See:

  2. sdekanic
    June 24, 2015

    Reblogged this on bgb.

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