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Forest of the Month: Mill Haft, Staffordshire, UK

From Philip Blaen

Mill Haft is a research woodland run by the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFOR).  Mill Haft comprises around 16 ha mature oak woodland, approximately 150 years old, with an understory of sycamore and hazel. The flagship experiment is a 10 year free-air CO2 enrichment, or FACE, experiment due to launch in spring 2016. This will involve raising levels of atmospheric CO2 in large areas of the woodland to simulate the concentration expected under a future climate. A long-term monitoring programme is planned to determine the impacts of this increased CO2 availability on the structure of the forest, including its biodiversity, and the way in which it functions, including carbon storage, nutrient and energy cycling, hydrology, and interactions with pests and pathogens.

See Mill Haft on our Forest of the Month Map.

For more information and collobarative opportunities see

Mill Haft, Staffordshire. (c) BIFOR

Mill Haft, Staffordshire, UK. (c) BIFOR


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This entry was posted on February 2, 2015 by in Forest of the Month.

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