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Post-doctoral position: Eco-evolutionary dynamics of Mediterranean trees

ANR-FCT supported Postdoctoral position

Application deadline 15 January 2015

We have a 2 years postdoc position in landscape genetics and dispersal ecology funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and the Portuguese National Agency (FCT) to work on a recently granted project “ExpandTree: Spatio-temporal colonization patterns in expanding tree populations: an integrated genetic and genomic approach”. The work is based in INRA-Avignon (France) for up to 1 year and in CIBIO/InBio (Portugal) up to another year starting early 2015. Shorts stays at the hosting-collaboration Integrative Ecology Group (IEG, Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC, Spain) are also contemplated supervised by Prof. Pedro Jordano.

Project overview and description of the position

Juniperus phoenicea subsp. turbinata. Source: Wikipedia

Juniperus phoenicea subsp. turbinata. Source: Wikipedia

Understanding the spatio-temporal dynamics of expanding populations is central to predict the responses of fragmented forest populations to drivers of global change. The main tasks of the postdoctoral researcher consist in implementing recent statistical methods and, ideally, developing new evolutionary models, that use georeferenced genotypic and phenotypic data to understand demographic dynamics and gene flow patterns in the colonisation front of expanding populations of trees inhabiting heterogeneous environments. Two Mediterranean tree species currently undergoing demographic expansions will be studied: (i) Juniperus phoenicea subsp. turbinata in Reserva Biológica de Doñana (Huelva, Spain) in collaboration with Pedro Jordano’s team (CSIC, Spain) and (ii) Cedrus atlantica on Mont-Ventoux (Avignon, France, in collaboration with Sylvie Oddo-Muratorio-François Lefèvre’s team). Microsatellites are the primary genotypic markers but the development and analysis of SNPs potentially under selection are also planned in the ExpandTree project. Specific goals within the framework of the project entailing genetic, spatial, demographic, and ecological data can be accommodated to the skills and interests of the successful candidate.

Skills required

An excellent quantitative and computational background in spatial population genetics modelling applied to ecological issues. Interest in movement ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics and statistical methodology of molecular data for ecology. Experience in analysing SNPs and phenotypic data based on association models would be appreciated.

Proficiency in written and spoken English is mandatory.

Host teams

Recent publications relevant to the ExpandTree project

  • Roques, L., Garnier, J., Hamel, F. & Klein, E.K. (2012) Allee effect promotes diversity in traveling waves of colonization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 109: 8828-8833.
  • García, C., Moracho, E., Diaz-Delgado, R. & Jordano, P. (2014) Long-term expansion of juniper populations in managed landscapes: patterns in space and time. Journal of Ecology 102, 1562-1571.

How to apply

To apply, please e-mail Etienne Klein ( or Cristina García ( with a motivation letter explaining why you are interested in the position, a PDF of your CV where you should include the name and contact details for two referees.

Informal enquiries are encouraged.

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