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Forest Carbon Dynamics – the best session at Lille

The best and most interesting session at the BES-SFE Annual Meeting in Lille will be

Forest Carbon Dynamics, on Thursday 11th December at 10:45

Chair: Dan Bebber

10:45 Nicholas Ostle: Don’t mess with the moss! : Boreal forest floor carbon cycling

11:00 Juliette Boiffin: Microclimate, burn severity and post-fire tree establishment affect predictions of long-term carbon dynamics in a boreal forest landscape

11:15 Nathalie Pluchon: Impact of fire-derived charcoal on decomposition and microbial communities in boreal forest depends on charcoal and humus type

11:30 Edna Roedig: Simulation of carbon fluxes: the value of Eddy-covariance data for dynamic forest models

11:45 Laëtitia Bréchet: Litter quality and quantity effects on soil CO2 efflux: application of a version of the Century model adapted to tropical forest conditions

12:00 Lindsay Banin: Are Dipterocarps Different? The role of seedling traits in growth rates in Bornean tropical forests

12:15 Nicolas Labrière: Ecosystem services in a multi-functional forested landscape of Borneo: focus on carbon storage, soil conservation and tree diversity

12:30 Sean McMahon: The importance of seasonality to carbon flux in forest systems

See you all there!


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This entry was posted on November 11, 2014 by in Meeting.

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