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New Book – European Wood-pastures in Transition: A Social-ecological Approach

From Tim Hardwicke

European Wood-pastures in Transition

A Social-ecological ApproachEuropean Wood Pastures

Edited by Tibor Hartel, Tobias Plieninger

Routledge – 2014 – 322 pages

Tibor Hartel and Tobias Plieninger say “Wood-pastures are among the most important ecological and cultural identity-bearing landscapes on the European continent. They are livestock grazed landscapes with trees and shrubs, which developed and were maintained by multifunctional management applied over centuries. As human use is a crucial determinant of the structure, dynamic and persistence of wood-pastures, the sustainability of wood-pastures can be best understood through a social-ecological approach. This book provides a new perspective, using a social-ecological framework to explore social and ecological values, governing institutions, threats and conservation approaches of European wood-pastures. It explores the major drivers of decline, which are shown to be related to accelerated cultural, institutional and developmental changes occurring across Europe over the past century. Case studies are included from North-Western, Southern, and Eastern Europe.”

Written by renowned scholars and conservationists, the book contributes to developing better, locally adapted conservation policies and management approaches for wood-pastures.


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