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Ecology for the Real World

Contributed by Barbara Smith

On 30th June the Agricultural Ecology and the Conservation Ecology SIGs are hosting a joint meeting.

How To Plan Adaptively For Change is a workshop concerned with how we can translate research findings into positive change in the ‘real world’. It will be held at Charles Darwin House and will be led by John Mauremootoo.  You can find more information and sign up here.

Have your plans to translate exciting research findings into positive change in the “real world”:
A.       Always worked exactly in the way you envisaged they would?
B.       Occasionally, more than occasionally, or downright frequently, foundered upon the rocks of ignorance, opposition, or simple indifference of the very people you were trying to help?
If your answer was A then that’s great news and there’s no need to read on… for now!
If you answered B then this one-day workshop might be just what you have been looking for.

In a fun, practical and hands-on manner you will learn:

  • Why conventional planning models based on simple cause-effect logic fail in the real world;
  • How to use innovative planning, monitoring and evaluation systems that are designed to work in unpredictable and complex settings;
  • How to decide upon which stakeholders you will need to work with and how;
  • How to develop a planning, monitoring and evaluation system that balances accountability and learning;
  • How to tailor planning, monitoring and evaluation frameworks to your needs.

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